Woodhouse is a NotchRail station on the Green Ridges Line. Formerly named Ting Highway, it serves the rural suburb of Woodhouse. Due to low patronage, passengers must hail the train to board it, and notify the guard to alight at this station.

Station Details
Opened November 12, 2074
Suburb Woodhouse
Type of station Aboveground
Number of Platforms 2
Platform arrangement 2 side
Stopping trains Intercity all stations
Transfers None
Ridership TBA
Station code WDH


Platform Line Services Notes
Platform 1 Green Ridges Line all stations services to McMUNCH
Platform 2 Green Ridges Line all stations services to Central

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station NotchRail Following station
towards Central
Green Ridges Line Rotledon
towards McMunch

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