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75 seats in the West Craftian House of Representatives
38 needed for a majority
First party Second party Third party
Leader Ken Moto Natasha Garcia Billy Bob Jones
Party Liberal Republican Nationalist
Leader since 24 January 1993 20 March 1996 3 March 1995
Leader's seat Clarendon North Shore Austinmer
Last election 36 seats, 46.03% 30 seats, 35.90% 2 seats, 3.48%
Seats won 34 31 6
Seat change Decrease 2 Increase 1 Increase 4
Popular vote 112,668 95,788 65,120
Percentage 37.51% 31.89% 21.68%
Swing Decrease 8.52% Decrease 4.01% Increase 18.20%
TPP percentage* 39.68% 60.32%
TPP swing* Decrease 13.54% Increase 13.54%

Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Nina Ottenson W.H. Lindberg Rose Fuller
Party Alliance Democrats Luminan Bloc
Leader since 31 October 1996 16 November 1995 2 June 1994
Leader's seat Keystone Woden Lumina West
Last election 3 seats, 7.12% 3 seats, 2.05% 1 seat, 1.31%
Seats won 2 1 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Decrease 2 Steady 0
Popular vote 14,868 3,604 2,012
Percentage 4.95% 1.20% 0.67%
Swing Decrease 2.17% Decrease 0.85% Decrease 0.64%

Prime Minister before election Elected Prime Minister
Ken Moto
Ken Moto

A federal election was held on Saturday, 30 October 1999 for members of the 3rd Parliament of the Republic of West Craftia. For the second consecutive election, a hung parliament occurred, with neither the incumbent centre-left Liberal Party of West Craftia government, led by Prime Minister Ken Moto, nor the opposition centre-right Republican Party of West Craftia, led by Opposition Leader Natasha Garcia, managing to win a majority of seats, largely due to the rise of the far right West Craftian Nationalist Party, which managed to win 6 seats and nearly 22% of the vote. In fact, little attempt was made to calculate the two-party-preferred vote, as the Nationalist vote was so high that any TPP result would have been meaningless. The official TPP calculation after allocation of preferences is widely disregarded by psephologists and political analysts for this reason.

Both the Liberal and Republican parties refused to form a coalition with the controversial Nationalist Party, instead appealing to the Alliance, Democrats of West Craftia and the Luminan Bloc. In the end, the Liberals were able to continue for a third term in government, after forming a shaky coalition with the Alliance and Luminan Bloc, but this combination (37 seats) was still one seat short of a majority. A policy of non-cooperation (cordon sanitaire) with the Nationalists resulted in the major parties even contemplating a grand coalition to break the parliamentary deadlock. The deadlock was resolved in the first sitting of parliament, where a motion of confidence in the Moto Government was passed when the Republicans abstained from the vote.


National results

34 4 6 31
Liberal Oth Nat Republican
Party Votes Percentage Swing Seats Change
Liberal Party of West Craftia 112,668 37.51
Decrease 8.52 34 Decrease 2
Republican Party of West Craftia 95,788 31.89
Decrease 4.01 31 Increase 1
West Craftian Nationalist Party 65,120 21.68
Increase 18.20 6 Increase 4
The Alliance 14,868 4.95
Decrease 2.17 2 Decrease 1
Democrats of West Craftia 3,604 1.20
Decrease 0.85 1 Decrease 2
Luminan Bloc 2,012 0.67
Decrease 0.64 1 Steady
Independent 6,308 2.10
Decrease 2.01 0 Steady
Total 300,369 75
Popular Vote
Seats in Parliament
Luminan Bloc

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