Suburb Details
Established 1992
Population 29,571 (2072 census)
State Jebsten
Region Inner North Notchropolis
LGA(s) Penrith District
Surrounding Suburbs
Keyn Plains Penrith Acacia Park
Bargo Tungog Waratah Park
Marrickville West Marrickville Central

Tungog is a inner northern suburb of Notchropolis. It is the southernmost suburb in the Penrith District. Tungog is a mainly light industrial suburb with a small residential area.

Commercial area

Tungog's commercial areas are on Garrett Crescent (Tungog Shopping Village) and around the NotchRail station.



Tungog NotchRail Station is on the Allandale Line, with services to Dunheved (outbound) and Arenaville Airport (citybound).


NotchBus routes 601, 602, 604, T10 and T11 serve Tungog.


Plains Drive is the main road through Tungog. Victory Road, a major western road, terminates in the suburb.

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