Trollino International Airport (commonly known as Troll City Airport, (ICAO:CMTO, IATA:TRO) is the only main airport serving Troll City. It was opened on September 30, 2034, after decades of protesting by residents, who were tired of travelling to either Bonestan or Grumbroe to get to an airport. The airport is located remarkably close to the CBD, just 9 kilometers away. This means a 6:00am to 11:30pm curfew is in place, and any late or delayed traffic is diverted to nearby Yoollagarra Quartzite Airport.


Trollino International Airport is the 6th busiest airport in Craftia, handling 12,389,173 passengers in 2070. In comparison, Yoollagarra Quartzite Airport (located to the south west of the Troll City) handles just over half the amount of passengers that Troll Airport does, 7,539,202 in 2070.


Troll Airport is the hub for only Craftia Wings. However, Sir Richard Brendsen has previously made considerations of an Craftian offshoot of his airline, Virgin Yapinga. He said that if the idea goes ahead, Trollino International Airport will be the hub of his new airline.


The airport is served by a Troll City Subway station and a multi-story carpark.

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