Toomatta (formerly named Toomata) is a NotchRail station on the Linford Line. It serves the rural suburb of Toomatta (sometimes considered a suburb of Linford). The station is the last station travelling south before crossing the state border between Jebsten and Addams.

The platform at Toomatta.
Station Details
Opened {{{Opened}}}
Suburb Toomatta
Type of station Aboveground
Number of Platforms 1
Platform arrangement 1 side
Stopping trains Regional all stations
Regional limited stops
Transfers None
Ridership {{{Ridership}}}
Station code TMA


Platform Line Services Notes
Platform 1 Linford Line all stations and limited stops services to Yarrayonga and Pete's Corner bi-directional platform

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station NotchRail Following station
towards Pete's Corner
Linford Line Straitland
towards Yarrayonga

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