The Sports Association of Jebsten Academic Schools (SAJAS) is a sporting association of eight high-ranking Jebsten academic secondary schools. The SAJAS was created at the start of the 1992 summer sport season, and today has eight members - seven schools in the Notchropolis metropolitan region and one in western Jebsten. All SAJAS schools are all-boys schools, with the exception of Notchropolis City High School, Moss Vale High School and Notchropolis Grammar School. Thus, the SAJAS competition is open to male students only. In addition, the former two schools are the only two selective schools in the SAJAS, with the remainder being grammar schools.


The Sports Association of Jebsten Academic Schools was formed on 1 March 1992. The schools represented at the meeting were Castlebrook Grammar School, Notchropolis City High School, Notchropolis Grammar School and The Kingston School. Membership was restricted to these four schools until the 1997 season, when rural Turnbull School's application was ratified in time for the SAJAS Head of the River. No other schools applied to join the association until Moss Vale High School applied in 2010, but was not accepted until the 2016 season. The newest schools to join were Newington Grammar College and Eastplains College, both of which were accepted into the SAJAS in time for the 2021 season.

Numerous schools have attempted to apply to join the SAJAS since 2021, but none have been successful. The closest was Arenaville Technology High School in 2035, when its application reached the final vote stage between the existing eight schools. Its application was narrowly rejected by a vote of 5–3 against membership. In 2037, ATHS instead joined the newly formed Athletics Association of Combined High Schools in response.


School Location Enrolment Founded Type Sex Entered
Nickname Colours
Castlebrook Grammar School Castlebrook 1150 1963 Full grammar Boys 1992 Brookies         
Eastplains College Eastplains 1385 2021 Partial grammar Boys 2021 Easties         
Moss Vale High School Moss Vale 1680 (890 boys) 2005 Full selective Co-ed 2016 Vale         
Newington Grammar College Dunmore 900 2008 Full grammar Boys 2021 Newington         
Notchropolis City High School Notchropolis 2870 (1435 boys) 1955 Full selective Co-ed 1992 City         
Notchropolis Grammar School Marrickville West 1500 (720 boys) 1970 Full grammar Co-ed 1992 Grammar         
The Kingston School Greendale 1000 1943 Partial grammar Boys 1992 Kings         
Turnbull School Turnbull 740 1979 Full grammar Boys 1997 Turnbull         




School Premierships Most recent (years since)
Notchropolis City High School 27 2073 (0 years ago)
The Kingston School 15 2052 (21 years ago)
Notchropolis Grammar School 15 2067 (6 years ago)
Moss Vale High School 11 2070 (3 years ago)
Castlebrook Grammar School 6 2060 (13 years ago)
Eastplains College 5 2069 (4 years ago)
Newington Grammar College 1 2036 (37 years ago)
Turnbull School 0

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