The Ryde Line is a railway line established in 2054 to serve the growing Ryde District. In 2061, the line was merged with the Pallet Line

Status as a Branch Line

It has been heavily disputed as to whether or not the Ryde Line is a branch, or part of the main line. Since the rail extension to Dunheved was completed first, some people argue that the Ryde Line is a branch. However, as the Ryde Line is larger and serves a more populated area, with connections to the Main Southeast Line, many argue that the Ryde Line is the main line.


Station Code Opened Suburb Stopping patterns Connections
1 2 3 4 5
Plainswood - Rustboro Town
Darkeslia DLA 2054 Darkeslia Pattern Pattern
South Ryde SRY 2054 South Ryde Pattern Pattern
West Ryde WRY 2054 West Ryde Pattern Pattern
Ryde RYD 2054 Ryde Pattern Pattern Pattern Wakehurst Line
North Ryde NRY 2054 North Ryde Pattern Pattern Pattern Wakehurst Line
East Ryde ERY 2054 East Ryde Pattern Pattern
Gullbyrne GBR 2054 Gullbyrne Pattern Pattern
Barriston BST 2054 Barriston Pattern Pattern
Rustboro Town RBO 2054 Rustboro Town Pattern Pattern Pattern

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