The Ryde District is a local government area in northwest Jebsten


The Ryde District (sometimes referred to as just "Ryde") is a commercial hub of northwestern Jebsten. It is situated just east of a long shore of the Pallet River. Large residential areas are located in West and South Ryde. Two large apartment buildings are located in Ryde and North Ryde. North Ryde has a shopping centre and many small shops are situated in West Ryde. A railway theme park is located in East/South Ryde.

Ryde District

The logo of the Ryde District.



Year Population
1966 1,000
2000 10,000
2050 44,000
Now (2090) 91,000

3000 (projected)

3050 (projected) 128,000

Individual Suburb Breakdown (2090)

Suburb Population
East Ryde 6,000
North Ryde 19,000
Ryde 21,000
South Ryde 16,000
Terrigal 8,000
Terrigal Entrance 7,000
West Ryde 14,000

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