Rustboro Town is a NotchRail station on the Ryde branch of the Pallet Line. It is the terminus of the branch and serves the town of Rustboro Town. There are also NotchRail coach services to Accumula Town, in liu of the former railway via Lumiose Town.

Rustboro Town
Tiěxiù Xīncūn
Kota Karat
The entrance to Rustboro Town.
Station Details
Opened June 7, 2060
Suburb Rustboro Town
Type of station Aboveground
Number of Platforms 2
Platform arrangement 2 side
Stopping trains Intercity all stations
Intercity limited stops
Transfers Bus
Ridership 504 (126th)
Station code RBO


Platform Line Services Notes
Platform 1 Pallet Line all stations and limited stops services to Arenaville Airport
Platform 2 Pallet Line terminating services from Arenaville Airport

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station NotchRail Following station
towards Central
Pallet Line Terminus