Rustboro Town
Suburb Details
Established 1782
Population 348
State Jebsten
Region Lumios
LGA(s) Greater Moss
Former name(s) {{{Former name}}}
Surrounding Suburbs
Concorde Concorde {{{SuburbNE}}}
Barriston Rustboro Town {{{SuburbE}}}
Barriston Yakalla Lumios Town

Rustboro Town was originally a town several kilometers away from Notchropolis, Jebsten but due to urban sprawl now lies as a suburb within the outskirts. In the 2050s, the suburb drastically changed when the M25 was built right past it, shortly followed by Notchropolis DeLorean Airport not long afterwards. There were community protests against the huge construction works, however the only alternative location was in the Western Tablelands and there were issues with it being to close to the proposed Southpond Watersports Complex.


Rustboro Town Station is a terminus NotchRail station located with in the town. Rustboro Town also has an anticlockwise entry/exit point on the M25.

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