Rise Up Craftia–Liberty Alliance
Shàngshēng Kèlāfūdìyà Dǎng–Zìyóu Liánméng
Tachiagaru Kurafutia–Jiyū Kumiai
Leader Pete Anderson
Deputy Leader Kiera Smith
Founded 9 November 2071
Ideology National conservatism
Right-wing nationalism
Right-wing populism
Political position Far-right
Colour      Navy blue
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 76
State and Territory Parliaments
0 / 479

The Rise Up Craftia–Liberty Alliance (commonly referred to as RUC–LA /'rʌklɑː/ ruk-lah, pronounced as a word, also known as simply the Liberty Alliance) is a minor far-right nationalist party in Craftia, formed as a merger between the national conservative Rise Up Craftia and the populist Liberty Alliance. The party has a strongly nationalist, right-wing populist and conservative platform. The party has been referred to as 'neo-fascist' and racist by its opponents, although this has been denied by party members. However, many of its members have connections to neo-Nazi organisations and anti-Islam groups. The alliance is affiliated with the right-wing White Craftia Party which only operates in Addams.

The alliance has never won a seat in the Craftian House of Representatives or any state or territory parliament.

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