Province of Craftia (English)
克来福夏省 (Simplified Chinese)
Kèláifúxià Shěng (Pinyin)
Provinsi Craftia (Indonesian)
40px 1945–1984 ProvinceofCraftiaFlag
Anthem: 'Miners Pledge'
Capital Kantella (1892–1973)
Notchropolis (1973–Feb 1978)
Garrison (Feb 1978–May 1978)
Richmond (May 1978–Dec 1978)
Stromville (Dec 1978–1979)
Garrison (1979–1984)
Largest city Bonestan (1892–1981)
Notchropolis (1981–1984)
Official languages English
National languages Mandarin
Official scripts Latin alphabet
Demonym Craftian
Government Federal constitutional republic
under Marxist-Leninist single-party state
Prime Minister
- 1945–1947 (first) George Phillipson
- 1982–1984 (last) Theodore Wright
Historical era Provincial Craftia
- Established 7 April 1945
- Partition 29 July 1984
Currency Miners Pound
Drove on the left
Internet TLD .ct
Today part of CraftiaFlag Craftia

The Province of Craftia was an island province of the Miners Republic, in northern Lantara. It existed from April 7, 1945 to its dissolution on July 29, 1984, when it was partitioned into the provinces of East Craftia and West Craftia.