26 June 2015
T3 2015 T1 2016
S2631Head AlfredoHead
Nominee S2631
Jiaming S.
Alfredo Oderfla
Party Libertarian People's Action
Popular vote 5 2
Percentage 62.5% 25.0%
Swing Increase5.4% Increase25.0%
Timmie321Head RapidPVPHead
Nominee Timmie321
Ting L.
Jack R.
Party Munch Republic Ralph United
Popular vote 1 Withdrew
Percentage 12.5% Withdrew
Swing Decrease1.8% Decrease28.6%
President before election 18 September 2015 Elected President
S2631 S2631
Libertarian Party Libertarian Party

A presidential election was held on Friday, September 18, 2015. Incumbent president S2631 stood for re-election against Alfredo of the People's Action Party, Timmie321 of the Munch Republic Party, and RapidPVP of the Ralph United Party, who pulled out of the election the day before voting was to take place. S2631 was easily re-elected in a landslide, with 62.5% of the popular vote.

Up until RapidPVP's withdrawal, polls were showing a clear lead over S2631. His popularity soared in the last week before the election, with polls stating he could have had as much as 75% of the vote or even higher. However, his sudden withdrawal led to the second-highest polling candidate, incumbent president S2631, to easily be re-elected for a second term.

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