Pinemeadow is a NotchRail station on the Castlebrook Line. It serves the residential suburb of Pinemeadow.

The station was formerly the terminus of the line, from its opening (the first extension) until February 5, 2058, when the second extension, to Littleroot Town, came into operation.

Sōng Cǎodiàn
Padang Rumput Pinus
The platforms at Pinemeadow.
Station Details
Opened September 19, 2057
Suburb Pinemeadow
Type of station Underground
Number of Platforms 2
Platform arrangement 2 side
Stopping trains Intercity all stations
Transfers None
Ridership 1284 (92nd)
Station code PMD


Platform Line Services Notes
Platform 1 Castlebrook Line all stations services to Viridian Town
Platform 2 Castlebrook Line all stations services to Central

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station NotchRail Following station
Silverdale University
towards Central
Castlebrook Line Strathfield
towards Viridian Town