People's Nationalist Alliance
Rénmín Guómín Liánméng
Union Nasionalis Rakyat
Leader Esteban Gavareoa
Deputy leader Charles Hemingway
Founded 13 July 2041
Ideology Social conservatism
Lantanesian separatism
Economic liberalism
Political position Right-wing
Colour      Blue
CIT Legislative Assembly
4 / 21

The People's Nationalist Alliance (commonly known as the PNA) is a right-wing nationalist political party that operates exclusively in the Craftian Island Territories. It is one of the three major parties in CIT politics, the others being the centre-left United Progressive Party and the centre-right Sylvan Party. The party calls for the independence of the CIT and sovereignty as the Republic of Lantanesia, and is socially conservative and economically liberal. It is currently serving as the junior partner in a coalition government with the Sylvan Party, since the 2068 general election. The party previously formed government from 2053 to 2054.

The party's current leader is Estaban Gavareoa, since 2066.

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