Penrith District
Pénglǐsī Qū
Population (2072) 63,098
- Mayor Joseph Khan (Conservative)
- Deputy Mayor Vince Sheng (Conservative)
Council seat Penrith
- Established 25 July 2024
State electorate(s) TBA
Federal division(s) Kingla

The Penrith District is a local government area in northern Notchropolis, established in 2024 with the suburb of Penrith.


The Penrith District encompasses the suburbs of:


Current composition and election method

Penrith District Council
Pénglǐsī Qū Yìhuì
Penrisu-ku Shigikai
Type Council of the City of Notchropolis
Seats 15
Political groups Government (8):
     Conservative (7)
     Libertarian (1)

Opposition (7):
     Liberal (3)
     United (2)
     Greens (1)
     Independent (1)

The Penrith District Council is composed of fifteen Councillors, excluding the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, for a fixed three-year term of office. The Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor are directly elected (on a single ticket) while the fifteen Councillors are elected proportionally. The most recent election was held on 12 July 2070, and the makeup of the Council is as follows:

Party Councillors
Craftian Conservative Party 7
Liberal Party of Craftia 3
National United Party 2
Libertarian Party of Craftia 1
Craftian Greens 1
Independent 1

The current Council, elected in 2070, in order of election, is:

Councillor Party
John Milner Conservative
James Wu Liberal
Maddy Arthur Conservative
David Marsh Conservative
Michelle Schubert United
Kal Loh Conservative
Billy Liu Libertarian
Kevin Duong Liberal
Erica Liang United
Mike Nottingham Conservative
Ashley Sun Liberal
Sam Hughes Conservative
Florence Yio Independent
Wally Decker Greens
Dami Jin Conservative


The Penrith District is fairly safe for the Conservative Party, having controlled the council either with its own majority or in minority with another right-leaning party, for a majority of the district council's existence.

The current council is controlled by a coalition between seven Conservatives and one Libertarian.


Year Population Change
2026 35,682 N/A
2050 45,203 Increase 26.7%
2074 63,098 Increase 39.6%
2098 (projected) 85,000 Increase 34.7%
2122 (projected) 94,000 Increase 10.6%

Individual Suburb Breakdown (2074)

Suburb Population
Acacia Park 4,924
Keyn Creek 1,019
Kort Island 37
Penrith 23,425
Qwerty Park 984
Riverside 9,643
Tungog 17,820

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