The Penrith District is a local government area in northern Notchropolis, established in 2024 with the suburb of Penrith.


The Penrith District encompasses the suburbs of:


Year Population Change
2026 35,682 N/A
2050 45,203 Increase 26.7%
2074 63,098 Increase 39.6%
2098 (projected) 85,000 Increase 34.7%
2122 (projected) 94,000 Increase 10.6%

Individual Suburb Breakdown (2074)

Suburb Population
Acacia Park 4,924
Keyn Creek 1,019
Kort Island 37
Penrith 23,425
Qwerty Park 984
Riverside 9,643
Tungog 17,820

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