Combined composition of the lower houses of the legislatures, as of February 2073.

The parliaments of the Craftian states and territories are legislative bodies within the federal framework of the Republic of Craftia.

All the parliaments are based on the Westminster system, and each is regulated by its own constitution. All nine states and two territories have unicameral parliaments, all referred to as the Legislative Assembly.

Party composition

Individual parties

Party  % Seats Total seats in all legislatures (479 total)
Craftian Conservative Party 29.6% 142 142
National United Party 27.3% 131 131
Liberal Party of Craftia 16.2% 78 78
Craftian Reform Party 6.2% 30 30
Mojang Democratic Party 5.8% 28 28
Craftian Greens 4.0% 19 19
Republican Party of Craftia 2.9% 14 14
Liberal Democrats 1.5% 7 7
Sylvan Party 1.5% 7 7
RUC–LA 1.3% 6 6
Lumina First 1.0% 5 5
People's Nationalist Alliance 0.8% 4 4
Socialist Party of Craftia 0.4% 2 2
Bankeran Civic Party 0.4% 2 2
WC Independence Party 0.2% 1 1
Justice Party of Craftia 0.2% 1 1
Commonwealth Territory Party 0.2% 1 1
Island Democrats 0.2% 1 1

By political leaning

Bloc  % Seats Total seats in all legislatures (479 total)
Red (left) 55.7% 267 267
Blue (right) 44.3% 212 212

List of parliaments

Voting systems:

  • MMP: Mixed-member proportional
  • STV: Single transferable vote
  • Preferential: Instant runoff (preferential) voting
  • Proportional: Party-list proportional voting
  • Parallel: Parallel voting (combined preferential voting and party-list proportional voting)
  • FPTP: First-past-the-post (plurality) voting
Jurisdiction Type Voting system MPs Speaker Leader Governing party/coalition
Federal (bicameral) MMP 150 (House) Madelyn Ching Lewis Terrys UnitedLiberal coalition
STV 76 (Senate) Brian Jaine Kimberley Xi
Legislative Assembly
State Parallel 67 Matt Everett Jenson Wills Conservative minority (Reform C&S)
Bankera Capital Territory
Legislative Assembly
Territory Preferential 42 Cydney Bracko Kelly Farhem United majority
Legislative Assembly
State Proportional 48 Chris Powell Peter Undell UnitedMojang coalition
Craftian Island Territories
Legislative Assembly
Territory Proportional 21 Shane Kiu Martin Baffin SylvanPNA coalition
Legislative Assembly
State Proportional 27 Grace Rhee Woo Brianna Norton UnitedLiberal coalition (Greens, Lib Dems C&S)
Legislative Assembly
State MMP 75 Jan Hasasetoa Dave Herijanto UnitedMojangGreens coalition
Legislative Assembly
State MMP 27 Erika Lewis-Thompson Alexandra Chen LiberalUnitedJustice coalition
Legislative Assembly
State Proportional 30 Michael Choy Luke Simpson Mojang minority (Liberal, United, Greens C&S)
Legislative Assembly
State Preferential 55 Rachel Wattle Stephen Pham Conservative majority
Western Craftia
Legislative Assembly
State Parallel 45 Sam Tay Violet Zhang UnitedLiberal coalition
Legislative Assembly
State FPTP 33 Kristoff Neweten Harry Delano Conservative majority

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