The Honourable
Sir Oliver Hen-Ji
11th Prime Minister of Craftia
Elections: 2016, 2019
In office
16 September 2016 – 9 September 2019
President Ivan May
George Li
Deputy Ben Watersworth
Eric Frudere
Preceded by Bob Ching
Succeeded by Roy Leonard
24th Deputy Prime Minister of Craftia
In office
28 August 2034 – 17 September 2035
Prime Minister Timothy Lee
Preceded by Kevin Abbott
Succeeded by Kevin Abbott
12th Leader of the Opposition
Elections: 2022, 2031
In office
23 September 2031 – 16 August 2033
President Susan Szuslik
Prime Minister Ryan Nguyen
William Crestson
Deputy Timothy Lee
Preceded by Alejandro McKay
Succeeded by Timothy Lee
In office
10 September 2019 – 19 September 2022
President George Li
Prime Minister Roy Leonard
Alejandro McKay
Deputy Jamie Whitsey
Preceded by Joseph Langsley
Succeeded by Stephen Connor
1st Leader of the Reform Party
In office
28 April 2044 – 14 September 2046
Deputy Erik Mack
Preceded by Andrew Shek
Succeeded by Erik Mack
In office
5 May 2013 – 16 August 2033
Deputy Jason Miles
Ben Watersworth
Eric Frudere
James Whitsey
Harry Linden
Jim Bush
Davies Guo
Cameron Dong
Timothy Lee
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Timothy Lee
Minister for Trade and Commerce
In office
27 October 2034 – 17 September 2035
Prime Minister Timothy Lee
Preceded by Yvette Troy
Succeeded by Devin Sanders
11th Treasurer of Craftia
In office
28 August 2034 – 26 October 2034
Prime Minister Timothy Lee
Preceded by Kevin Wono
Succeeded by Liz Noakes
In office
27 February 2019 – 9 September 2019
Prime Minister Oliver Hen-Ji
Preceded by Ben Watersworth
Succeeded by Christine Ngo
In office
16 September 2016 – 1 January 2017
Prime Minister Oliver Hen-Ji
Preceded by Andrew Eslas
Succeeded by Ben Watersworth
Member of the Craftian Parliament
for Foley
In office
28 August 2034 – 14 September 2046
Preceded by Fu Chi Poon
Succeeded by Dan Mah
In office
15 September 2007 – 16 August 2033
Preceded by Luke Carpenter
Succeeded by Fu Chi Poon
Personal details
Born Oliver Henji Luoshan
2 March 1957
Yoollagarra, Province of Craftia
Died 15 October 2058 (aged 101)
Political party Liberty (2007–2012)
Independent (2012–2013)
Reform (after 2013)
Spouse(s) Emma Ruan (1988–2045, her death)
Children 4
Alma mater University of Miners
University of Meyang
Religion Atheist

Sir Oliver Hen-Ji CK (born Oliver Henji Luoshan, 2 March 1957 – 15 October 2058) was a Craftian lawyer, author and politician who served as the 11th Prime Minister of Craftia, serving from 2016 to 2019. The founder of the classical liberal and centrist Craftian Reform Party, he was a prominent figure in Craftian politics for four decades, serving near-continuously in the Parliament of Craftia from 2007 to 2046 (the only exception being between August 2033 and August 2034). He was the third Prime Minister of Asian and non-white heritage.

Hen-Ji became Prime Minister after leading a nascent Reform Party to a minority government at the 2016 election, a time when national politics was being upturned by distrust with the major parties and a turbulent economy. Although he remained extremely personally popular, the Hen-Ji Government proved incapable of leading Craftia through the late 2010s recession, and was defeated in a landslide after a single term at the 2019 election to the social democratic National United Party, which formed a majority government. Despite this, the Reform Party had established itself as the new third party in Craftian politics, in the process knocking the Liberal Party of Craftia down to fourth-largest party, a situation that would remain for the next two decades. A resurgence of Reform occurred at the 2031 election, with Hen-Ji becoming Leader of the Opposition once more. He retired from parliament in 2033, citing family reasons, and was replaced by his deputy Timothy Lee, who led Reform to minority government at the next election in 2034. At the same time, Hen-Ji returned to federal politics, serving in the short-lived Lee Government, which was removed from office in 2035 by a vote of no confidence.

Hen-Ji, now aged 82, contested the 2039 presidential election under the banner of the Reform Party, to capitalise on his popularity and to stir new interest in his party, which had flatlined in the polls and was being displaced by the Liberals. He placed third, winning 14.44% of the popular vote. After the Reform Party declined in the early 2040s, he returned to the leadership of the party in 2044, leading the party in the 2046 federal election, where it won 12 of 125 seats on a 6.58% swing. He then permanently retired from politics at the age of 85.