Oldale Village is a small village and suburb in the south-west of Notchropolis. It was founded in 1933 by explorer Thomas Bomis, who named the village Ol' Dale. Eventually, this turned into Oldale. In 1987, it was officially renamed Oldale Village.

Today, Oldale Village is regarded as a suburb of the Macquarie Fields District, along with Oldale Plains (formerly named Macquarie Fields). All but one of the streets in Oldale Village are named after famous music composers, such as Chopin Avenue and Haydn Crescent. The one exception is Bomis Street, which is named after Thomas Bomis.

Oldale Village has one entrance, through the Oldale Highway. Oldale Village is fenced in, preventing any access besides the one entrance. All of the roads are made of gravel.

Oldale Village has a NotchRail station, which is the western terminus of the Downtown Line.

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