The early design of the Obsidian Card.

The Obsidian system is a multi-modal, contactless smartcard ticketing system for use on public transport in Notchropolis. It has been implemented in the Greater Notchropolis metropolitan region since 2064.


The NotchRail transport network used paper tickets for fares under the MyRail system. To bring it in line with other states, an electronic fare system was introduced to replace physical tickets.


The final design of the card.

Types of cards

There are several types of cards to suit every commuter:

  • Adult card: For ages 18+. Standard fare.
  • Child card: For ages 1-17. Concession fare.
  • Student card: For students attending a primary, secondary or tertiary school. Free travel between specified points.
  • Pensioner card: For pensioners or seniors. Fare prices are capped at $2.


Commuters tap on at the start of their journeys and tap off the the end of their trips. Upon tapping off, a fare is deducted based on distance travelled (modes of transport are not taken into account). If a commuter taps on again within 30 minutes of tapping off, the trip will be extended. Once they tap off again, they are not deducted any further amounts unless the distance covered by their trip extension brings the total distance travelled into a new fare tier. If this is the case then the appropriate fare is charged to the card.

If a commuter does not tap off within 12 hours, the trip will end and a default fare will be charged. The default fare is equal to the fare that a 50km+ trip would incur.

Commuters cannot tap on with an Obsidian card if its balance is $0 or less. Obsidian Cards can be topped up online, at many train stations or at certain retailers.


The Obsidian Card charges fares based on distance of travel.

Card Type 0-15km 15-30km 30-50km 50km+
Adult peak $3.00 $4.10 $5.20 $7.00
Adult off peak $2.50 $3.30 $3.90 $6.00
Concession peak $1.40 $2.10 $3.00 $5.00
Concession off peak $1.10 $1.90 $2.50 $4.00
Pensioner $1.10 $1.90 $2.00 $2.00


The current rollout is as follows.

Heavy Rail

Other Rail


  • 1st May 2076:
    • 001-099
    • 600-699
  • 18th May 2076:
    • 200-299
    • 300-399
    • 700-799
  • 4th June 2076:
    • 400-499
    • 500-599
  • 25th June 2076:
    • 100-199
    • 800-899
    • 900-999