The Notchropolis Olympic Aquatic Centre is a swimming complex located within Nakamura Olympic Park, Notchropolis. It hosted many events for the 2072 Olympics and continues to hold major swimming events. While not being used for events, the centre opens for use of the general public


In 2064, plans for the complex were finalised and submitted along with Notchropolis's bid for the 2072 Olympics. In 2065 the city was won the vote and began work on Olympic Park soon after. In March 2066, excavations for NOAC began. It opened in January 2068, 22 months later. 6 major practice events were held: The Lantara Swimming Championships in 2069, The International Diving Championships in 2070, The Lantara Junior Water Polo Cup in 2070, The CISA Over 30's Swim Championships in 2071 and The Craftian School Swimming Finals in 2071 and 2072.


There is one 50m Olympic pool and one 40m warm up/ diving pool. It has a high diving tower with boards at 1.5m, 5.5m and 9.5m. There are 12,500 seats during normal configuration, however during the Olympics it had extra temporary seats, bringing the capacity up to 30,000.

2072 Olympics


Event Pool Dates Overall Winner
Diving Warm up Sep 17- 19 WilliamsFlag Williams
Swimming (all) Olympic Sep 17- 20 UnitedStatesofJanadayFlag United Territories
of Janaday
Synchronised Swimming Warm up Sep 22- 23 CraftiaFlag Craftia
Water Polo Olympic Sep 21- 22, Sep 24 TrentinoFlag Trentino


17 September 18 September 19 September 20 September 21 September 22 September 23 September 24 September
Swimming (all)
Synchronised Swimming
Water Polo W.P Finals

Other uses

NOAC is now used periodically to host major events and it is Craftia's largest aquatic centre. It annually hosts The Craftian School Swimming Finals, The CISA under 18's, over 18's and over 30's championships and The Craftian Dive-offs. When not in use it opens to the general public from 7:30am through to 7:30pm. Adult entry is $7.50, under 15's are $5.00 and under 5's are free. Membership is $30 a year for half price entry.

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