The NotchRail Network Map is an important part of the NotchRail system's identity. The map is a schematic diagram of the network which is based on the former CityRail map in Sydney, Australia.

Network Map

There are currently five main versions of the map. The first one was made using eDraw software and was updated from the early 2030's until 2040. The second one was made using GIMP and and was first released in 2040. It was phased out in favour of a new one in 2057, which is based on the second map but with smoother curves, thinner lines and a less cramped design. In 2071, as part of Project Revolution, a fourth map was created, in a completely revamped style. This change did not last long, however, and in 2072, a revamped third map replaced the fourth map. In 2073, a remade version of the fourth map replaced the third map as the current network map of NotchRail today.

  • Map 1: eDraw style
  • Map 2: Early 1990s CityRail network map style
  • Map 3: 2000s CityRail network map style
  • Map 4: 2010s Sydney Trains network map style
  • Map 5: 2010s Sydney Trains network map style
  • Map 6: 2010s Sydney Trains network map style
  • Map 7: 2010s Sydney Trains network map style
  • Metro Rail Map: 2010s Sydney Trains network map style

Server: NotchRail Network

The first NotchRail line built on the server was the City Line from Central to The Farm via Cemetery, Town Hall and Rollercoaster. It was built somewhere between May and September 2012. Unfortunately there are very few records of NotchRail's progress prior to September 2012.

NotchRail Network Server Timeline

Line Project Type Stations Opening
No. List Server (approx) MY
City New Line 6 Central, Cemetery, Town Hall, Rollercoaster, Hospital, The Farm May 2012 Aug 2012 1992
City Ext. and

new stations

7 Craftfield, Troll House, Waratah Park, Obstacle Course,

Bomberman Arena, CS Tower, Olympic Stadium

May 2012 Aug 2012 2013
Downtown New Line 4 CS Tower, Tower Defence Back, Museum Junction, Op Castle/ Safari Zone May 2012 Sep 2012 2024
Tunnel New Line 4 Central, Notice Board, Ragequit Parkour, Obstacle Course May 2012 Sep 2012 2008
Downtown Ext. and

new stations

3 Museum Back, Sports Arena, Chesscraft Jun 2012 Sep 2012 2035
Museum New Line 3 Museum Junction, Suicide Booth, Museum Jun 2012 Sep 2012 2058
Embassy New Line 6 Town Hall, Piston Park, Australia Embassy, Zimbabwe Embassy, Burundi Embassy,

Afghanistan Embassy



Sept 2012 2014
Embassy Extension 10 China Embassy, USA Embassy, Egypt Embassy, France Embassy, Taiwan Embassy, South Korea Embassy, North Korea Embassy, Jamaica Embassy, UK Embassy Sep 2012 2016
Downtown Extention 1 Oldale Village Sep 2012 2035
Le Angel New Line 4 Chesscraft, Tennis Court, Clock Tower, Le Angel Sep 2012 2029
Le Angel Extention 2 Training Centre, Airport Oct 2012 Nov 2012 2032
Questacon New Line 2 USA Embassy, Questacon Nov 2012 2025
Industrial South New Line 5 CS Tower, Olympic Stadium, Melon Farm, LOL64o's Mansion, Lake Wilson Nov 2012 2017
Industrial South Extention 1 Slender Arena Dec 2012 2027
Airport Express New Line 3 Central, Police Station, Airport Dec 2012 Jan 2013 2040
Achelous New Line 5 Airport, Twinleaf Town, Littleroot Town, Bob's Farm, Achelous Dec 2012 Jan 2013 2032
Embassy Extension 2 Apperture Dam, Pete's Corner Jan 2013 Feb 2013 2025
Lake(Questacon) Extension 4 Town Hall, Three Rock Lake, Bonnet Bay, Lake Wilson North Jan 2013 Feb 2013 2048
Allandale New Line 5 Airport,Wipeout Course, Waratah Park, Macdonald Racecourse, Bradfield Road Feb 2013 2031
Eastplains New Line 2 Troll House, Loftus Mar 2013 2037
NotchRail map V.1 published Mar 2013 2033
Eastplains Extension 3 Hespefield, Wharton Reserve, Questacon Apr 2013 2037
Lake New stations 2 Hespefield, Wharton Reserve Apr 2013 2048
to be continued