Democratic Republic of Minea
Anthem: 'The Minean's Pledge'
Miners Republic Location
Capital Capitol City
Largest city Maozhou
Official languages English • Mandarin • Vietnamese
Official scripts Latin alphabet
Simplified Chinese
Vietnamese alphabet
regional languages
Japanese • Korean
Ethnic groups
87.9% Asian
35.8% Chinese
30.1% Vietnamese
10.6% Korean
9.8% Japanese
1.0% Cambodian
0.7% Other Asian

11.0% European
9.9% English
0.7% Spanish
0.1% French
0.3% Other European

1.1% Other
Demonym Minean
Miner (archaic)
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
- President Jong Nguyen
- Vice President Jeff Yang (Yang Jilin)
- Premier Jia Yunzhi
- Deputy Premier Yamutso Urimoto
- Speaker of Legislature Jiang Huangsu
Legislature People's Legislative Assembly
- Rantana Dynasty 672 BCE
- Kingdom of Rantana 183
- Minean Kingdom 1048
- Republic of Rantana 28 February 1799
- Democratic People's Republic of Rantana 1 November 1815
- Democratic Lantaran Miners Republic 24 December 1935
- Democratic Republic of Minea 5 June 2053
Area 3,345,154 km²
- 2070 census 473,329,918
- Density 141.5/km²
Currency Minean Dollar (MND)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .mr

The Democratic Republic of Minea (DRM), commonly referred to as the Miners Republic, is a large country located in central Lantara. It constitutes a majority of the inner-southern Lantaran continent and several islands to the south.

The Miners Republic was one of the first countries in Minearth history to become a socialist state and by extent, a communist state, in 1815, when the 16-year-old democratic republic government was overthrown in the November Revolution. The rapidly developing nation invaded and conquered many nearby islands and countries, colonising them. Notable examples of the regime were the invasions of the Kingdom of Diji (1816–2001), the Sapas Empire (1820–1998), the Kingdom of Tendos (1821–1995), the Frederickson Islands Republic (1830–1981), the Republic of Loland (1838–1910), the Republic of Lumina (1844–1987), the western half of the Qiu Empire (1849–1885, dubbed the Democratic Qiu Republic), the Kingdom of Zembo (1874–2018), the southern half of the Kingdom of Yomangla (1881–1948, dubbed the Yomanglan Democratic Republic), the Central Lantaran Empire (1888–2023), the Kingdom of Craftia (1892–1987), and the State of Trentino (1899–2011).

As a result of the June Revolution in mid-2053, the Miners Republic has evolved from a authoritarian single-party state into a multi-party democracy, and the Left Party of the Miners Republic (the successor of the Communist Party of the Miner Republic remains a major party as of the internationally recognised, free and fair 2070 elections. The Communist Party ruled the country without interruption from 1815 to 2062 and was the only legal political party until 2053.


The common name in English (Miners Republic), comes from the Rantana Miners and Workers Party, which formed the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Rantana after the Democratic Revolution of 1815. The name of the political party is itself named after the original colony which was named the Miners Empire of Rantana, named after the ancient name of the region which was Minerah.

The country was frequently criticised for using the word 'Lantaran' in its name between 1815 and 2053 as it is also the name of the continent it sits on. Therefore, a majority of outsiders used the informal term Miners Republic rather than Democratic Lantaran Miners Republic, though use of the former was illegal inside the country. Since 2053, the name of the country has been the Democratic Republic of Minea (the first use of the name Minea), though the use of Miners Republic remains extremely common.

Below is a table of names as stated by the government, in all of the official languages other than English.

Language Name Romanisation
Simplified Chinese (简体汉语) 兰塔拉民主矿工共和国 Lántǎlā Mínzhǔ Kuànggōng Gònghéguó
Traditional Chinese (傳統漢語) 蘭塔拉民主礦工共和國
Japanese (日本語) ラヌタラ民主マイナーズ共和国 Ranutara Minshu Maināzu Kyōwakoku
Korean (한국어) 란타라 민주주의인광부화국 Lantala Minjujuui Gwangbu Gonghwagug
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Thợ mỏ Dân chủ Cộng hòa Lantara