Bankera has been the capital of Craftia since 1 January 2001. Various other cities have been designated as the capital (executive, legislative, judicial, or all three) of Craftia. In addition, each of the nine states and the sole territory of Craftia maintains its own capital.

State and territory capitals

In all but two of the states (Wintaro and Lumina), the state capital is also the state's most populous city. When the six original states were formed in 1987, the most populous city in each state was designated the state capital. This was also the case for the states created after 1987.

State Abbr. Statehood Capital Most pop. city Capital's pop. Most pop. city's pop.
Addams AD 1987 Bonestan 3,512,491
BCT BCT 2001 Bankera 1,930,672
Berhardsson BE 2017 Grumbroe Grumbroe-Stromville 1,728,519
Jagsland JL 1987 Pallsburg 506,138
Jebsten JS 1987 Notchropolis 4,260,275
Kagstron KT 1987 Akarran 869,094
Lumina LM 2022 Ha'ii Luma'a 267,582 775,843
Meyang MY 1987 Troll City 1,483,138
Western Craftia WC 2004 Richmond 1,002,682
Wintaro WT 1987 Oronton Novena 254,088 747,979

Former national capitals

The following list include all national capitals of Craftia since 326 CE (establishment of the Kingdom of Craftia).

  • Alpa, 326–528
  • Qwertopolis, 568–1802
  • No capital from 1802 to 1805
  • Qwertopolis, 1805–1885
  • Kantella, 1885–1973 (now Stromville)
  • Notchropolis, 1973–1978
  • Garrison, 1978 (now Dongjing)
  • Richmond, 1978
  • Stromville, 1978–1979
  • Garrison, 1979–1987
  • Notchropolis, 1987–2001
  • Bankera, 2001–present

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