A list of the richest people in Craftia is compiled by Business Observer Weekly magazine. The lists assess the net worth of individuals and is published on an annual basis in May.

Members of Craftia's 50 Richest People

The table below are the top 15 wealthiest Craftians in 2073 as compiled by BOW, comparing movement from the previous year:

# Name Net worth (CRD) Sources of wealth
1 Steady Brian Carlski $32.5 billion Carlski Industries
2 Steady Holly Ainsworth $14.4 billion CraftField Corporation, inherited
3 Increase Andrew Fong Zhu $13.2 billion Fuel Co, inherited
4 Steady Jonathan Alverisk
& Bella James
$10.6 billion HCT
5 Decrease Georgia Lowe $9.8 billion Lowe Corporation, inherited
6 Increase Mark Learson $7.7 billion Smågrupp
7 Decrease Jonny Murdock $7.2 billion Bingle Internet Company
8 Decrease Chang Eng Lau $5.7 billion Market City Real Estate
9 Steady James Springwood $4.7 billion Centra Group, inherited
10 Increase Brenda Mah $4.0 billion Creative Days Group
11 Steady Larry Li $3.4 billion Li Goods Company
12 Decrease Dan Bounitch $3.3 billion Mineapolis Incorporated
13 Increase Yvonne & Martin Seong $3.0 billion Coals Group
14 Decrease Franklin Chen $2.9 billion 7¹¹, inherited
15 Steady Margaret Ivanovich $2.4 billion Zesta