Kingdom of Craftia (English)
克拉夫地亚王国 (Simplified Chinese)
Kèlāfūdìyà Wángguó (Pinyin)
Dah Bamapala Craftia (Reatinese)
Anthem: "His Majesty Conquers"
Capital Qwertopolis (1805–1885)
Kantella (1885–1892)
Largest city Qwertopolis
Official languages English • Mandarin
regional languages
Japanese • Reatinese
Demonym Craftian
Government Unitary absolute monarchy (1805–1850)
Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy (1850–1892)
1805 (first) Bundamerrie II
1885–1892 (last) Jarramarie
Prime Minister
1850–1859 (first) Chen Shangsun
1890–1892 (last) Li Linhuang
Legislature National Parliament
Historical era Colonial World
- Established 24 January 1805
- Narralan Reforms 16 January 1850
- Annexed to the Miners Republic 29 February 1892
Currency Craftian Pound

The Kingdom of Craftia was an island kingdom located in northern Lantara. It existed from January 24, 1805 to February 29, 1892, when it was annexed to the Miners Republic and became the Province of Craftia.

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