Kagstronian Legislative Assembly
Kǎgé Zhōu Lìfǎ Yìhuì
Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Kagstron
Type Unicameral house of the Parliament of Kagstron
Speaker Erika Lewis-Thompson, NUP
Since 9 October 2069
Premier Alexandra Chen, LPC
Since 17 June 2068
Leader of
the Opposition
Lydia Shek, CRP
Since 11 June 2070
Seats 36
Political groups Government (20):
     Liberal (12)
     United (7)
     Justice (1)

Opposition (16):
     Reform (7)
     Conservative (5)
     Republican (3)
     Mojang (1)

Voting system Proportional representation
Last election 7 June 2070
Next election 2073

The Kagstronian Legislative Assembly is the sole house (chamber) of the Parliament of Kagstron. The term in office of members of the Legislative Assembly is a maximum of three years from the date of the first sitting, but may be abridged if an early election is called or if Parliament is dissolved (but this has never occurred due to convention).

The present Parliament is the 29th State Parliament of Kagstron. The most recent state election was held on 7 June 2070. The Liberal Party of Craftia won a plurality of seats and formed a minority government with confidence and supply from the National United Party and Justice Party of Craftia. The Craftian Reform Party holds 7 seats and forms the Official Opposition. The other opposition parties include the Craftian Conservative Party (5 seats), the Republican Party of Craftia (3 seats), and the Mojang Democratic Party (1 seat).

Distribution of seats


Party Seats Current Assembly
Liberal Party of Craftia 12 33.3%
Craftian Reform Party 7 19.4%
National United Party 7 19.4%
Craftian Conservative Party 5 13.9%
Republican Party of Craftia 3 8.3%
Mojang Democratic Party 1 2.8%
Justice Party of Craftia 1 2.8%