The Info Center is the main building in Central Square. It houses the Spawn Point and provides a quick overview of the rules and the current operators. There was previously a help desk, but this was removed to make way for more stands for the operators.

The actual Info Center building is a square and is mainly made of stone, with quartz around the top of all four sides. Stone slabs form a pyramid on the roof of the Info Center, which has three exits (previously four), one onto Ganges Road, one into Central Park and one into Central NotchRail Station.

Usually, after a temporary redesign from a party or event, the Info Center receives a small permanent redesign or decoration.


Originally, Notchropolis did not have a proper spawn point. A spawn point was made, which was basically three signs and glowstone on the ground, which was grass. As time passed, proposals were made to redesign the spawn point. A new stone building was built over the old spawn point, though it retained the three signs and the glowstone floor. The Info Center was named the Spawn Building

Later the glowstone was replaced with stone, and the exit onto Park Street was replaced with a warp to the Notice Board. The help desk and warp were later demolished so more stands for the operators could be placed after the Project Metropolis One Year Anniversary, but the help desk returned and replaced some stands just before Christmas of 2068. Two beacons were added to the top of the slab pyramid at about the same time.


Project Metropolis One Year Anniversary

The Project Metropolis One Year Anniversary (May 4, 2068 or May 4, 2013 in real life) saw the first ever temporary redesign of the Info Center for an event, which was based on a cake. The outside stone was replaced by brown and white wool, and the slabs on top were replaced with cake. A big '1' candle stood on top of the nearby Central station building, and fireworks were added nearby.

After the party ended, the Info Center returned to its original material, except the areas where white wool was placed, were replaced with quartz (instead of the original material, stone).

Halloween 2068

Halloween of 2068 saw the decoration of the Info Center with cobwebs and dark colours. Orange and purple carpet were alternatively placed in a pattern on the outer rim of the building and jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins replaced the full slabs on the top. The outside stone was replaced by stone bricks and the inside floor (which was stone before the party), became stained clay and lapis lazuli.

After the party ended, the Info Center had an extra decoration added - the carpet on the outer rim. The purple carpet was recoloured lime green, and the inside floor's new design was kept.

Christmas 2068

Christmas of 2068 had the Info Center decorated in red and green, the traditional Christmas colours.