The Hyrule Circuit Go Karting Track (known as Hyrule Circuit GKT, HCGKT or GKT1), is a Go Karting Track located in Colgalah, Notchropolis.


The Hyrule Circuit. Racers jump into the side of the castle, then loop downwards and come out of the drawbridge.


The HCGKT was built in 2073. It took 3 years to complete.


The HCGKT receives semiregular transport to Colgalah, and also shuttle services to the City. A railway station on either the Eastplains or Riverview Line is planned.


The HCGKT hosts many races throughout the week. There are about 3 races each day. Entry is $50, and 1st to 3rd place get to race again for free. 1st and 2nd also win cash prizes.

Famous Events

  • The Annual Triforce Cup - Hosted each year. One of the biggest events in Notchropolis.
  • The Bimonthly Hyrule Tournament - Hosted each two months.

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