Suburb Details
Established 1955
Population TBA
State Jebsten
Region Inner East Notchropolis
LGA(s) Eastplains District
Surrounding Suburbs
Expo Village Expo Village Expo Village
Loftus Hespefield Eastplains
Engadine Henji Avenue Apperture Plains

Hespefield is a suburb in eastern Notchropolis.


Many shops including a bookstore and a bank are located within the suburb. There is also a underground shopping centre planned in conjunction to the JackRail project.


Hespefield Redstone School is located in the eastern end of the suburb, opposite the station.



Hespefield NotchRail Station is located in the heart of the suburb. There are train services to the City, Petalburg, Lake Wilson North and Lake Wilson South. Hespefield is also home to JackRail Terminus, the main terminus of a private rail company in Jebsten called JackRail.


The main road through Hespefield is First Avenue.

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