Heathwick is a rural suburb located in north-eastern Bankera. It is in the Airport District. The suburb has very few residents as Bankera Airport takes up most of the land area, with remaining space being shops and small businesses.

Suburb Details
Established 1999
Population 72
State Bankera Capital Territory
Region North Bankera
LGA(s) Airport District
Former name(s) Heathrow (1999–2015)
Surrounding Suburbs
Bankera Capital Territory Bankera Capital Territory Bankera Capital Territory
Bankera Capital Territory Heathwick Bankera Capital Territory
Cipolla Cipolla Bankera Capital Territory


Bankera Metro

Heathwick does not have a dedicated station on the Bankera Metro (however plans have been made to build a station in the residential zone of the suburb). However, the airport has two metro stations on the Airport Line, Bankera Airport Terminal 1 and Bankera Airport Terminal 2. Both of the stations are located inside the airport.


CraftiaLink's Federal Line connects Notchropolis with Bankera. It has a station outside of the airport grounds named Bankera Airport. This station is not interchangeable with the two metro stations. It is also the main station serving the residents of Heathwick until the residential station opens on the Bankera Metro.

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