Grumbroe International Airport (commonly known as Grumbroe Airport (ICAO: CBGE, IATA:GRB) is the primary international airport in Grumbroe. It was opened on May 14, 1983 and until 1999 it was the only civilian airport in southern Craftia. Grumbroe Airport is located on the coast just 16.2 kilometres to the south east of the CBD


Grumbroe International Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Craftia, handling 18,378,906 passengers in 2070. The nearest airport to Grumbroe is McBeth-Shakespeare Airport, in McBeth. The airport however, only handled 75,203 in 2070 because of the city in which it located has a small population and it located directly between Grumbroe and Yoollagarra.


Grumbroe Airport is the hub of Air Craftia and Notchropolis Airways. It is also a popular stopover airport for international travellers who need to get to smaller, domestic-only airports.


The airport is served by RapidRail (light rail) and carpark. A RapidRail Metro Station is also under construction.

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