The Greendale NotchBus Interchange Stands are the first bus interchange stands constructed in Notchropolis. They serve the suburb of Greendale. There are 8 interchange stands.


The Greendale stands were initially built in 2047, one month after the opening of the railway station with the same name. It intially had 12 stands, but after a makeover in 2073, the number of stands were reduced to 8.


Stand No. Route(s) Destination(s) Notes
Stand A 605 Penrith via Northbank South Belara
607 Penrith via North Northbank Caniswell
613 Northbank Terminus
Stand B 610 Unbiyong via South Belara Terminus
610x Unbiyong via Bundanoon Terminus
611 Unbiyong via Penrith and Keyn Plains Terminus
Stand C 612 Belara Loop service
614 Warrayah via Caniswell Terminus
615 Wingchester via Caniswell and Anarose Bay Terminus
Stand D 652 Unbiyong via Thornsby Terminus
661 Thornsby via South Belara and Oak Wood Terminus
Stand E T12 Arenaville Airport via Oak Wood and Unbiyong Caniswell via Warrayah
T17 Plainswood via West Wiragul and Pallet Town Caniswell via Warrayah
Stand F T91 Box Hill via Central and Bonnet Bay Wiragul only
T93 Petalburg via Pallet Town and New Bark Town Terminus
Stand G T95A Notchropolis Orbital Loop service
T95C Notchropolis Orbital Loop service
2NTH City Hall via Penrith Northbank
2THB City Hall via Penrith Townsberry via Oak Wood

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