Ganges Road (formerly CraftField Street) is a main road in Central. The front side and entrance of CraftField is located on Ganges Road. Other landmarks include two NotchRail stations (Central and CraftField) and the Info Center (corner Ganges Road and Park Street).

Ganges Road










CraftField Street was built and opened along with the actual CraftField, which first opened in 2029. In 2046, CraftField Street was renamed Ganges Road after the CraftField Group was divided into two separate companies, CraftField Company and Shoppers United. Although the two companies became one again in 2054, the name of the road was kept as Ganges Road which is its name today.

Road Connections

To the west of Ganges Road stands a four-way intersection, which in fact is actually two intersections merged into one. This double intersection connects Marines Road, Park Street and Rose Street to Ganges Road. On the east side is the T-junction between Ganges Road and Buchanan Avenue. Around halfway through Ganges Road is the intersection which connects it and Lillian Lane.

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