Republic of Craftia (English)
克来福夏共和国 (Simplified Chinese)
Kèláifúxià Gònghéguó (Pinyin)
Republik Craftia (Indonesian)
AutonomousRegionofCraftiaFlag 1987–2004 CraftiaFlag
Anthem: 'Song of the Craftians'
Capital Notchropolis (1987–2001)
Bankera (2001–2004)
Largest city Notchropolis
Official languages English
National languages Mandarin
Official scripts Latin alphabet
Demonym East Craftian • Craftian
Government Federal constitutional republic
- 1987–1988 A.L. Thomas
- 1988–1990 Michael Jeddens
- 1990–1992 John Cosgrove
- 1992–1997 Thomas Jeffrey
- 1997–1999 David Karnies
- 1999–2004 Martin Servas
Prime Minister
- 1987–1990 Lachlan Charles
- 1990 Edwin Stevenson
- 1990–1995 Marcus Pierce
- 1995–1998 Peter McDonald
- 1998–2001 Alexander Lee
- 2001–2002 James Herbert
- 2002–2004 Steve Bergensten
Historical era Split Craftia
- Established 16 September 1987
- Reunification 16 September 2004
Population (2004) 1,828,528
Currency Craftian Dollar
Drove on the left
Internet TLD .ct
Today part of CraftiaFlag Craftia

East Craftia, officially known as the Republic of Craftia (ROC), was a country located in southern Lantara. It constituted the north-eastern part of the island of Craftia (the modern states of Jebsten, Addams, Meyang, Berhardsson, Wintaro, Jagsland and Kagstron, as well as the BCT). It shared a land border with West Craftia to the west and an overseas border with Loland to the north.

On September 16, 1987, the Province of East Craftia declared independence from the Miners Republic as the Republic of Craftia after several months of autonomy. The Province of West Craftia remained under the control of the Miners Republic until 30 March 1992 when it declared independence as the People's Republic of Craftia. When the socialist party in control of the country was replaced by a democratic parliament on May 25, 1994, West Craftia was renamed the Republic of West Craftia while East Craftia retained the Republic of Craftia name.

On September 16, 2004, the two nations were reunified after 20 years of separation, though it is legally seen as West Craftia joining East Craftia to become the Republic of Craftia, as modern-day Craftia is seen as the legal and political successor to East Craftia and not West Craftia. The territory formerly controlled by West Craftia is now the states of Western Craftia and Lumina.

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