Map of Craftia's 100 electoral divisions of the House of Representatives (blank)

Electoral divisions for the Craftian House of Representatives are commonly known as electorates, seats or divisions (officially translated as 选区 Xuǎnqū in Chinese, 選挙区 Senkyo-ku in Japanese). There are currently 100 single-member electorates for the Craftian House of Representatives, with the remaining 50 seats being allocated through closed-list proportional representation.


The Divisions of the House of Representatives are unusual in that many of them are not named after geographical features or numbered, as is the case in most other legislatures around the world. Most Divisions are named in honour of prominent historical people, such as former politicians (often Prime Ministers), explorers, artists and engineers. In some cases where a Division is named after a geographical locality, the connection to that locality is sometimes tenuous as a result of redistributions.

The redistribution, creation and abolition of Divisions is the responsibility of the Craftian Electoral Commission. Some of the criteria the CEC use when naming new Divisions are:

  • divisions are named after deceased Craftians who have rendered outstanding service to their country, with consideration given to former Prime Ministers
  • the original names of Divisions proclaimed at the inaugural federal election in 1986 (or earlier, as in the case of several pre-independence electoral districts) are to be retained
  • geographical place names are to be avoided
  • Reatinese names can be used as appropriate
  • names that duplicate names of state electoral districts are not to be used.

In total, 54 of the 100 divisions are named purely after people, disregarding those named after geographical locations which are named after people (indirect namesakes). Of these:

  • 12 are named after women
  • 4 are named after Indigenous Craftians
  • 10 are named after Reatinese names for geographical places
  • 6 are named after other non-White Craftians
  • 9 are named after other non-European names for geographical places.

Geographical categories

Electoral divisions are divided into five categories based on geographical location:

  • Inner metropolitan (29) – inner-city areas of major cities
  • Outer metropolitan (22) – suburban and peri-urban areas of major cities
  • Regional metropolitan (6) – urban areas of smaller regional cities
  • Provincial (17) – exurban and inter-city areas beyond major cities
  • Rural (26) – regional areas





  • Oldest division: Longshan, KT (1850–1892, 2015–)

List of electoral divisions


There are 21 divisions in Jebsten:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Barris 巴里斯 バリス 2058 Edward Barris Regional metropolitan
Bonnells 邦内尔斯 ボネルス 2031 Lia Bonnells Outer metropolitan
Changshou 长寿 長寿 2049 Suburb of Changshou Provincial
Charles 查尔斯 チャールズ 2020 Lachlan Charles Inner metropolitan
Coastalis 哥斯达洛斯 コースタリズ 1963 Filippos Kostalos (romanisation) Rural
Cook 库克 クック 1959 Jim Ryan Cook Regional metropolitan
Flinders 弗林德斯 フリンダース 1986 Matt Flinders Inner metropolitan
Georgia 乔吉亚 ジョージア 2024 Suburb of Georgia Outer metropolitan
Herbert 赫伯特 ハーバート 2004 James Herbert Inner metropolitan
Highlane 高巷 ハイレーン 1986 Archaic name for region Outer metropolitan
Kingla 经拉 キングラ 2015 Reatinese for 'dragon river' Inner metropolitan
Laidera 赖迪拉 ライダーラー 1986 Laidera region Outer metropolitan
Notchropolis 诺城 ノッチロポリス 1986 City of Notchropolis Inner metropolitan
Phillipson 菲利普森 フィリップソン 1986 George Phillipson Rural
Promontory 海角 海岬 2004 Milsons Promontory Rural
Rasdon 拉斯顿 ラスドン 2040 Lindsey Rasdon Inner metropolitan
Sun Valley 太阳谷 太陽谷 1956 Sun Valley region Provincial
Waratah 华特尔 ワラタ 1986 Waratah plant Outer metropolitan
Wattle 荆树 ワトル 2020 State flower of Jebsten Provincial
Wilson 威尔逊 ウィルソン 2020 Allen Wilson Provincial
Wyundyaga 伟云迪亚加 ウーヤンジャガー 2037 Oliver Wyundyaga Rural


There are 19 divisions in Addams:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Bickmore 比克摩 ビックモア 2004 Jennifer Bickmore Inner metropolitan
Canley 坎李 キャンリー 1975 City of Canley Shore Regional metropolitan
Chifley 奇夫利 チフリー 2031 Shane Chifley Rural
Durston 德斯顿 ダーストン 1986 Kristie Durston Inner metropolitan
Gunter 冈特 ガンター 2013 Suburb of Gunter Inner metropolitan
Higgins 希金斯 ヒギンズ 1986 Louise Higgins Inner metropolitan
Holbrook 霍尔布鲁克 ホルブルック 1945 City of Holbrook Regional metropolitan
Jasfydartua 贾斯飞达涂亚 ジャスフィダルトゥア 2049 Larry Jasfydartua Outer metropolitan
Jinshan 金山 金山 2069 Chinese for 'gold mountain' Outer metropolitan
Kota 哥打 コタ 2022 Kota region Rural
Lake Sydney 悉尼湖 シドニー湖 1949 Lake Sydney Provincial
Papele 帕皮乐 パペーレ 2012 Vincent Papele Rural
Quinn 奎因 クイン 2031 James Quinn Outer metropolitan
Redleaf 雷德利夫 レッドリーフ 2049 Peter Redleaf Rural
Rindo 林铎 リンドー 2019 Kiyomi Rindo Provincial
Sarda 萨尔达 サルダ 2043 Dinesh Sarda Provincial
Trijunction 三结 三結 1986 Town of Trijunction Rural
Xinhu 新湖 新湖 2022 Xinhu region Provincial
Yarrayonga 亚垃拥夹 ヤラヨンガ 1986 Suburb of Yarrayonga Outer metropolitan


There are 13 divisions in Meyang:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Banks 班克斯 バンクス 1986 Dalton Banks Inner metropolitan
Fischer 菲舍尔 フィッシャー 2024 Connor Fischer Rural
Foley 弗利 フォーリー 1998 David Foley Outer metropolitan
Jilong 吉龙 吉龍 1986 Jilong region Outer metropolitan
Kirkby 柯比 カークビー 2016 Virginia Kirkby Outer metropolitan
McDonald 麦克唐纳 マクドナルド 2031 Peter McDonald Regional metropolitan
Plartu 普垃涂 プラツゥ 1947 Plartu region Rural
Pomegas 炮米茄斯 ポーメギャズ 2034 Edward Pomegas Provincial
Portlands 波特兰 ポートランド 1974 Suburb of Portlands Inner metropolitan
Sydney Shore 悉尼岸 シドニー海岸 1986 Lake Sydney Provincial
Trollino 铎李诺 トロリノー 2001 Former city of Trollino Inner metropolitan
West Lake 西湖 西湖 1986 Town of West Lake Provincial
Yoollagarra 尤拉加拉 ユラガラ 1945 City of Yoollagarra Inner metropolitan


There are 11 divisions in Berhardsson:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Kantella 堪特拉 カンテラ 2028 Former city of Kantella Inner metropolitan
Los Santos 洛斯桑托斯 ロスサントス 2037 Los Santos region Regional metropolitan
McArthur 麦克阿瑟 マッカーサー 2022 William McArthur Provincial
Pierce 皮尔斯 ピアース 2040 Marcus Pierce Outer metropolitan
Redflint 雷德弗林特 レッドフリント 2049 Justin Redflint Rural
San Fierro 圣菲耶罗 サンフィエロ 1992 Town of San Fierro Provincial
Tierra Robada 火罗巴达 ティエラロバダ 2019 Tierra Robada region Provincial
Tinyadanka 婷亚当卡 ティニャダンカー 2001 Mount Tinyadanka Rural
Tojima 东岛 東島 2017 Tojima Island Rural
Whetstone 磨石 砥石 1957 Angela Whetstone Inner metropolitan
Whitlam 惠特拉姆 ウィットラム 2019 Oscar Whitlam Inner metropolitan

Western Craftia

There are 10 divisions in Western Craftia:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Adelaide 阿德莱德 アデレード 2049 Marie Adelaide Inner metropolitan
Barat 巴拉 バラット 2004 Indonesian for 'west' Rural
Casto 卡斯托 カスト 2019 Raj Casto Inner metropolitan
Clarendon 克拉伦登 クラレンドン 2004 Gregory Clarendon Rural
Ipsland 伊普斯兰 イプスランド 2004 John F. Ipsland Outer metropolitan
Mayfair 美菲儿 メイフェア 2043 Suburb of Mayfair Inner metropolitan
Page 佩吉 ページ 2049 Charlotte Page Rural
Roland 罗兰 ローランド 2024 Frey Roland Outer metropolitan
Victoria 维多利亚 ビクトリア 2004 Victoria Harbour Provincial
Windsor 温莎 ウィンザー 2004 Jeffrey Windsor Rural

Bankera Capital Territory

There are 7 divisions in the BCT:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Andrews 安德鲁斯 アンドリュース 2024 Jonathan Andrews Provincial
Bankera 班克拉 バンクラ 2004 City of Bankera Inner metropolitan
Harrison 哈里森 ハリソン 2010 Harry Harrison Outer metropolitan
Panas 帕纳斯 パナズ 2049 Ian Panas Inner metropolitan
Wentworth 温特沃斯 ウェントワース 2004 Kelly Wentworth Outer metropolitan
Xianyang 先阳 先陽 2060 Chinese for 'first sun' Rural
Yanada 梁田 梁田 2055 Aaron Yanada Inner metropolitan


There are 5 divisions in Kagstron:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Acton 阿克顿 アクトン 2001 Suburb of Acton Inner metropolitan
Garrison 驻军 ギャリソン 2028 Former name of Dongjing Provincial
Longshan 龙山 龍山 1850 Longshan Mountains Rural
Skerta 斯杰塔 スカート 2061 Nathan Skerta Outer metropolitan
Wawanakwa 瓦瓦那夸 ワワナクワ 1945 Wawanakwa region Rural


There are 5 divisions in Lumina:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Guanglan 广兰 広蘭 2019 Suburb of Guanglan Outer metropolitan
Jaxon-Soh 杰克逊所 ジャクソンソー 2061 Jack Jaxon-Soh Inner metropolitan
Karlhoff 卡尔霍夫 カールホフ 2064 Ashley Karlhoff Rural
Leichhardt 莱卡特 ライヒハルト 2031 William Leichhardt Rural
Woodford 伍德福德 ウドフォド 2022 Billie Anne Woodford Inner metropolitan


There are 5 divisions in Wintaro:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Intyuana 英特元那 インティアナ 1995 Reatinese name for Wintaro Rural
McIntyre 麦金太尔 マッキンタイア 2015 Jim McIntyre Outer metropolitan
Moner 莫奈 モナー 2040 Vernon Moner Outer metropolitan
Oronton 澳伦敦 オーロントン 1945 City of Oronton Inner metropolitan
Winston 温斯顿 ウィンストン 1970 Francis Winston Inner metropolitan


There are 4 divisions in Jagsland:

Name Created Namesake Demographic
English Chinese Japanese
Goldun 金等 ゴルダン 1986 Martin Goldun Inner metropolitan
Marylands 马里兰 メリーランド 1992 Marylands region Rural
Mount Worden 沃登山 ワードン山 1986 Mount Worden Rural
Ralph 拉尔夫 ラルフ 2028 Jack Ralph Outer metropolitan