Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 1945
MP Audrey Woo
Party Conservative
Namesake Yoollagarra
Electors 110,724
Demographic Provincial

The Division of Yoollagarra is a Craftian federal division in the state of Meyang. It was created in 1945 and is one of the seven remaining divisions that were first contested in the 1945 provincial election. The division is named after the city of Yoollagarra and originally encompassed the entire city. Today, it covers little more than the inner-city of Yoollagarra due to population growth.

The sitting member, since the 2067 federal election, is Audrey Woo, a member of the Craftian Conservative Party.


Yoollagarra is one of the seven remaining 'province' divisions - those first contested at the 1945 provincial election, the first one after self-government was achieved. It has always been centred on the city of Yoollagarra. Yoollagarra is located in the middle of the rural Conservative heartland of regional Meyang and thus is generally more right-leaning than other urban electorates around the country. Throughout its 128-year history, the seat has frequently changed hands between centre-left and centre-right parties and has had 18 members (the most out of any division), though it was originally more Labour-leaning due to the high population of lower-income workers. The division has seen a more rightward shift since the 2030s due to gentrification and demographic changes. It is now a fairly safe Conservative seat, as the United vote has slowly but steadily declined in recent decades, only taking the seat at high-tide elections.


# Member Party Term
1 Allan Reid Labour 1945–1950
2 Edward Barker Protection 1950–1951
3 Alexander Lambert Labour 1951–1956
4 Fred Decker National 1956–1957
(3) Alexander Lambert Labour 1957–1959
5 Henry McLean Labour 1959–1971
6 Franklin Paterson Labour 1971–1979
7 George Nemeth National 1979–1984
8 Cedrick Brody Liberty 1984–1989
9 Jonathan Wang Liberty 1989–1998
10 Ronald Wilkins Conservative 1998–2008
11 Woody Arthur Conservative 2008–2013
12 Anthony Perez United 2013–2028
13 Olivia Hernes Conservative 2028–2034
14 Charlie Chen United 2034–2037
15 James Bass Conservative 2037–2052
16 Allison Renney Conservative 2052–2058
17 Harvey Collins United 2058–2063
(16) Allison Renney Conservative 2063–2067
18 Audrey Woo Conservative 2067–

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