Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 2004
MP Beth Sung
Party United
Namesake Milsons Promontory
Electors 96,347 (2070)
Demographic Rural

The Division of Promontory is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It was created in 2004, and named after Milsons Promontory, the easternmost point in Jebsten. The division was first contested at the 2004 federal election. It covers a majority of the eastern Jebsten Peninsula. The division is regarded as Craftia's most well-known 'bellwether seat' – from the 2019 election to the 2031 election and ever since the 2043 election, Promontory has been won by the party that also won the election (a collective total of 45 years).

The sitting member, since the 2067 federal election, is Beth Sung, a member of the National United Party.


The Division of Promontory's boundaries have changed little throughout its history and is highly marginal and electorally volatile, frequently changing hands between elections. It is one of the few non-metropolitan seats where the Liberal Party of Craftia consistently performs well, making Promontory a three-way marginal seat.


# Member Party Term
1 Andrew Danden Conservative 2004–2013
2 Brendan Taylor United 2013–2016
3 Joanne Fitzpatrick Conservative 2016–2019
4 Eden Munro United 2019–2028
5 Carl Nguyen Conservative 2028–2031
6 Timothy Lee Reform 2031–2037
7 Michelle Simmons Liberal 2037–2040
8 Greg Kaplan United 2040–2043
9 Helen Cusack Liberal 2043–2052
10 Jim Snowden Conservative 2052–2058
11 Kelly Erin Spencer United 2058–2064
(10) Jim Snowden Conservative 2064–2067
12 Beth Sung United 2067–

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