Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 2020
MP Sibelius Kwan
Party National United Party
Namesake Lachlan Charles
Electors 104,377 (2070)
Demographic Inner metropolitan

The Division of Charles is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It was created in 2020, and named after Lachlan Charles, the first Prime Minister of Craftia. The division was first contested at the 2022 federal election. It straddles the border between the eastern end of the Notchropolis central business district and some of the inner eastern suburbs, including the Expo Village and Waratah Park.

The sitting member, since the 2058 federal election, is Sibelius Kwan, a member of the National United Party and the current Treasurer of Craftia.


The division has always been considered part of the United heartland in the centre of the working-class areas of Notchropolis. The Craftian Conservative Party and its right-wing predecessors have never held the seat, and the NUP's main rivals in recent elections have been parties even further to the left, namely the Liberals and the Greens. Both of these parties dominate inner-city areas all around Craftia and mainly draw their support from socially progressive voters who have become disenfranchised by the NUP's perceived gradual shift towards the political centre. In the last ten elections, the a Liberal member was elected to the seat twice while the Greens won it once.


# Member Party Term
1 Pat Wrangler United 2022–2034
2 James Tee Liberal 2034–2038
3 Cynthia Zeng United 2038–2040
(3) James Tee Liberal 2040–2046
(4) Cynthia Zeng United 2046–2052
5 Ted Lussy United 2052–2055
6 Lydia Summers Greens 2055–2058
7 Lachlan Gough Liberal 2058–2061
8 Sibelius Kwan United 2061–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Charles
Party Candidate Votes  % ±%
United Sibelius Kwan 35,525 36.78 –1.02
Liberal Lisa Gu 30,377 31.45 –0.89
Greens Christine Ferguson 16,536 17.12 +2.57
Conservative Peter Egory 8,712 9.62 –0.99
Mojang Pak Jin-chol 2,280 2.36 –1.28
Reform Carl Standback 1,603 1.66 –2.88
Christian Unity Camilla Jecks 560 0.58 +0.58
Progressive Albert Moto 299 0.31 +0.31
Libertarian Sun Kaiwen 115 0.12 –0.07
Total formal votes 91,247 94.47 +0.75
Informal votes 5,341 5.53 –0.75
Turnout 96,589 92.54 –1.21
Two-party-preferred result
United Sibelius Kwan 50,989 52.79 –3.27
Liberal Lisa Gu 45,600 47.21 +3.27
United hold Swing –3.27

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