Dài'ěrfēi'ěrdé Pánglù
N Dellfield Bypass S
U Bypass Dellfield S
General information
Type Elevated road
Length 76 m
Lanes Single carriageway
with 2 lanes
Entire route
Route number(s) None
Entire route
Opened 12 January 2065
Namesake Dellfield
Major junctions
North end Rose Street
Crown Street
South end Junction Street
Major suburbs/towns Central

The Dellfield Bypass is a short elevated road which runs from Rose Street in Central, Notchropolis to Junction Street in Dellfield. It was constructed to alleviate traffic on the Mortdale Bypass and other routes to the southern suburbs, and also to decrease the amount of time to travel from the Notchropolis CBD to Dellfield and the Inner West.

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