Dellfield is a suburb and the namesake for the Dellfield District. It has two localities, namely Dellfield Park in the northern side and Jordanville in the west of the suburb.

Commercial area

Dellfield has a shopping strip along Crown Street in the north of the suburb. There are also some smaller shops on the main road, Junction Street.



Dellfield Junction NotchRail Station is a major station on the Downtown Line. It is the junction point between the main line and the Dellfield branch line. Dellfield Park is a minor station on the branch line, immediately north of the junction and Jordanville is in the western outskirts of the suburb.


Dellfield is served by several bus routes.


Dellfield NotchFerry Wharf is the terminus of the Griffith Creek Line.


Junction Street is the main street in Dellfield, providing the NotchRail station entrance as well as access to Crown Street.


Dellfield Park

Dellfield Park is divided into two sections by the railway line. It is a small parkland and is the closest green space to the CBD.