Notchropolis DeLorean International Airport
Nuòchéng Déluóníng Guójì Jīchǎng
Notchiroporisu Derorian Kokusai Kūkō
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Airport type Public
Serves Notchropolis
Location Concorde, Jebsten, Craftia
Opened 2060
Class Class A (international)
Terminals 3
Hub for TBA
Direction Length (m) Surface
18/36 TBA TBA
Statistics (2070)
Passengers TBA

Notchropolis DeLorean International Airport (pronounced /dəˈlɔːriən/ də-law-ree-ən, also known as DeLorean Airport; IATA: DMC, ICAO: CJDL) is the primary international airport to serving Notchropolis, located in Concorde. It has 3 passenger terminals and 1 cargo terminal. It has 2 E/W runways and 1 N/S runway.


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 was the last of the three terminals to be completed from the DMC 2050-2070 master plan. It was completed 13 months ahead of schedule and fulfilled the requirements for DMC become a class A airport as well as Notchropolis's primary airport.

Year built 2069
International Yes
Domestic No
No. of gates 20

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 was running 25 months behind schedule when it opened. This was due to large budget blowouts and construction issues. However it had to be completed as soon as possible because at the time the airport did not have any international facilities and Castlebrook Airport could not cope. This led to a less desirable terminal, hence it is due for an upgrade according to the DMC 2070-2090 master plan.

Year built 2062
International Yes
Domestic Yes
No. of gates 22

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 was the first terminal to be opened at DMC, being the airport's only terminal until T2 was opened in 2062. The terminal is a domestic-only and while at first it was used by all airlines, it is now primarily used by low cost carriers Craftia Wings and Stevecon Airlines.

Year built 2058
International No
Domestic Yes
No. of gates 16