Craftian national flag referendum
Saturday, 3 September 2044
Are you in favour of altering the Constitution to change the National Flag of the Republic of Craftia? Please number the boxes from 1 to 4 to indicate your preferences as to which of the flags listed below you would prefer to be used as the National Flag.
Votes %
Current flag
4,536,342 68.94%
Horizontal stripe
1,019,262 15.49%
Diagonal stripe
612,610 9.31%
411,916 6.26%
Two-flag preferred
Current flag
4,789,677 72.79%
Horizontal stripe
1,790,453 27.21%
Total votes 6,580,130 100.00%

A referendum was held on Saturday 3 September 2044 in Craftia to determine the national flag. Voters were presented with four choices:

  • Retaining the existing flag
  • Horizontal striped flag
  • Diagonal striped flag
  • Chevron flag

The referendum used preferential voting. The existing flag was by far the most popular choice for Craftia's national flag, winning an outright majority by first preference vote, and it was retained.

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