2073 ← By August–September 2076 → 2079

150 seats in the Craftian House of Representatives
76 needed for a majority
First party Second party Third party
Leader Natalie Wang-Lee Linda Remington Katie Lynwood
Party United Conservative Liberal
Leader since 30 May 2074 27 September 2073 17 April 2074
Leader's seat Garrison, KT Kirkby, MY Bankera, BCT
Last election 52 seats, 34.08% 39 seats, 25.55% 32 seats, 21.16%
Seats needed Increase 24 Increase 37 Increase 45
Polling 31.7% 33.8% 24.2%
Seat projection 48 51 36
PPM polling 34% 25% 18%

Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Vivienne Clark Nathan Pan May Weatherill
Party Reform Mojang Greens
Leader since 19 May 2072 20 September 2070 8 May 2072
Leader's seat Phu-Tian, LM Leichhardt, LM Kantella, BE
Last election 20 seats, 12.77% 4 seats, 2.61% 3 seats, 1.90%
Polling 6.3% 1.9% 1.2%
Seat projection 9 3 2

Current Craftian House of Representatives
Political groups Government (84):
     United (52)
     Liberal (32)
Opposition (66):
     Conservative (39)
     Reform (20)
     Mojang (4)
     Greens (3)

Electorate map

Prime Minister before election
Natalie Wang-Lee

The next Craftian federal election will elect members of the 31st Parliament of Craftia. The election will be called following the dissolution or expiry of the 30th Parliament, and must be held by September 2076.

Opinion polling

Several research and polling firms conduct polls in relation to voting intentions in the lead-up to the next election. Some of the firms also ask voters whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the performance of the leaders of the three main parties, as well as who would be the best Prime Minister.

Graphical summary


A 4-point (monthly) average trend line of aggregate poll results since the previous election, with each line corresponding to a political party.