14 September 2007
All 90 seats in the Craftian House of Representatives
46 seats needed for a majority in the house
First party
Second party
Third party
Leader Steve Bergensten James Traves Jim McIntyre
Party Socialist Coalition Conservation McArthur
Leader since 22 May 2002 6 October 2001 25 October 1969
Leader's seat Notchropolis Wawanakwa Oronton
Last election 45 39 1
Seats won 53 32 2
Seat change Increase8 Decrease7 Increase1
Popular vote 1,167,310 828,583 55,481
Percentage 56.90% 40.39% 2.70%
Swing Increase2.54% Decrease3.27% Increase0.72%
Prime Minister before election Elected Prime Minister
Steve Bergensten Steve Bergensten
Liberal Liberal

A federal election was held on Friday, September 14, 2007 for the 8th Parliament of Craftia. The left-wing coalition government (consisting of the Bergensten Environment Party, National United Party and Craftia Liberty Party), led by Prime Minister Steve Bergensten, defeated the opposition right-wing Craftia Conservation Party, led by Opposition Leader James Traves.