198415 December 1986 1989

75 seats in the Craftian House of Representatives
38 needed for a majority
First party Second party Third party
Leader Lachlan Charles Jim McIntyre Edwin Stevenson
Party Liberty National Protection
Leader since 2 December 1986 25 October 1969 15 July 1981
Leader's seat West Lake, MY Oronton, WT Coastalis, JS
Last election 33 seats, 37.12% 22 seats, 30.55% 15 seats, 22.48%
Seats won 30 27 18
Seat change Decrease2 3 Increase2 5 Increase2 3
Popular vote 162,695 142,209 94,446
Percentage 40.74% 35.61% 23.35%
Swing Increase2 3.62% Increase2 5.06% Increase2 0.87%

Craftian House of Representatives after the election
Political groups Government (40):
     Liberty (30)
     Democrats (10)
Opposition (35):
     National (21)
     Protection (14)

Elected Prime Minister
Lachlan Charles

A federal election was held on Monday, 15 December 1986 to determine the members of the inaugural Parliament of Craftia. The incumbent centre-left Craftia Liberty Party government, led by Leader Lachlan Charles, defeated the opposition centre-right National Party of Craftia, led by Opposition Leader Jim McIntyre.

The Liberty Party was able to form the inaugural federal government of Craftia despite not winning a majority, after the two conservative opposition parties, the Nationals and the Protection of Craftia Party, mutually refused to cooperate with each other after disagreements on leadership. In the days after the election, six moderate National MPs and four moderate Protection MPs resigned from their respective parties and together formed the Craftian Democrats, a centrist party that supported the Liberty minority government, forming a coalition with 40 seats (a 3 seat majority), opposed to the Nationals' 21 and Protection's 14.


National results

30 18 27
Liberty Protection National
Party Votes Percentage Swing Seats Change
Electorate List Total
Craftia Liberty Party 162,695 40.74
Increase2 3.62 26 4 30 Decrease2 3
National Party of Craftia 142,209 35.61
Increase2 5.06 17 10 27 Increase2 5
Protection of Craftia Party 93,248 23.35
Increase2 0.87 7 11 18 Increase2 3
Other 1,198 0.30
Decrease2 9.55 0 0 0 Decrease2 5
Total 399,350 50 25 75
Popular Vote
Seats in Parliament (election result)
Seats in Parliament (first sitting)

Seats changing hands

Seat Pre-1986 Swing Post-1986
Party Member Margin Margin Member Party

Post-election pendulum

Durston (AD) Brad King CLP 50.05
Berhardsson (MY) Melvin Ybarra CLP 50.89
Twixton (JS) Mary Dustin CLP 51.36
Ipswich (JS) James Ishibashi CLP 52.12 vs PCP
Waratah (JS) Christopher Ottley CLP 52.44 vs PCP
Mitchell (JL) Paul Mundt CLP 53.19
West Marylands (JL) David Scots CLP 53.29 vs PCP
Longshan (KT) Danielle Johnson CLP 54.00
Highlane (JS) Jonas Monash CLP 54.66
East Lake (MY) Theodore Wright CLP 54.98
Adelaide (AD) Jack Bacote CLP 55.34
Fairly safe
Laidera (JS) Richard Stillman CLP 56.41
Phillipson (JS) Walton Fanning CLP 57.80 vs PCP
Lake Sydney (AD) Tyler Polston CLP 59.76
Penshurst (MY) Jennifer Resch CLP 60.42
Sydney Shore (MY) John Pineau CLP 60.95
Barris (JS) Chrisman Chung CLP 61.26
Plartu (MY) Americano Trecaz CLP 61.54
Yoollagarra (MY) Cedrick Brody CLP 61.60
Canley (AD) Isaiah Portera CLP 62.47 vs PCP
Grumbroe (MY) C.B. Maddison CLP 63.23
Flinders (JS) Christopher Renner CLP 65.51
Goldun (JS) Peter McDonald CLP 66.56
Mount Tinyadanka (MY) Jonathan Johnson CLP 68.18 vs PCP
West Lake (MY) Lachlan Charles CLP 69.84
St James (MY) Richard Gaiser CLP 72.99
Banks (MY) Alan Hasseroff NAT 51.00
Portlands (MY) Belinda Freudman NAT 51.33
Jilong (MY) Tony Mackeral NAT 51.34
Bonestan (AD) Wilson Ingram NAT 51.57
East Marylands (JL) Alex McCain PCP 51.78 vs CLP
Notchropolis (JS) Francis Harding NAT 53.27
Wilson (KT) Josh Trough PCP 53.55 vs NAT
Yarrayonga (AD) Tracey Grimshaw NAT 53.67
Higgins (AD) Marcus Pierce PCP 54.14 vs NAT
Mount Worden (JL) Christopher Ziegel NAT 54.72 vs PCP
Fairly safe
Darnick (AD) Clinton Barnhouse PCP 56.01 vs CLP
Redleaf (AD) Jack Rumper NAT 56.02
Newington (KT) Owen Frederickson NAT 57.25
Winston (WT) Steve Bergensten NAT 57.68
Cook (JS) Peter Sellman NAT 58.12 vs PCP
Cootamundra (KT) Eric Harden NAT 59.34
Morrison (WT) Samuel Rich PCP 62.37 vs NAT
Ermington (MY) Edmund Daly NAT 62.77
Oronton (WT) Jim McIntyre NAT 63.06
Trijunction (AD) Percy Mack PCP 63.92 vs CLP
Kennedy (MY) Martin Servas NAT 65.40
Holbrook (AD) Jeremy Garrett NAT 67.73 vs PCP
Wawanakwa (KT) Andrew McArthur NAT 68.26 vs PCP
Coastalis (JS) Edwin Stevenson PCP 81.39 vs NAT

List MPs

Liberty (4) National (10) Protection (11)
1 Christopher Rynsardt Royce Gleason Harry Barnett
2 Aaron Janney Ian Holmes Christopher Payne
3 Frank Chittenden Oliver Flood Paul Hawk
4 Kirk Eyer John Woodcock Ken Knightley
5 Sidney Aberdeen Martha Holliday
6 Peter Yeng Timothy Jinse
7 Eduardo Rivera Boyd Mann
8 Greg McGregor Lawrence Taing
9 Chen Chenglong Joseph Cheslock
10 Selia Han Oliver Wyundyaga
11 William Johnson

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