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CraftField Arenaville, looking south.

CraftField Arenaville is a major shopping centre in Notchropolis, Craftia, established in 2074. It is the largest single storey shopping centre in the whole of Craftia.

The actual suburb the building resides in is Airport Square.


CraftField Arenaville commenced construction in 2070, and finished in 2074. At that time, the planned Airport Square shopping centre, which was delayed, became somewhat redundant. The land of the planned shopping centre was still reserved, however, as it is thought that the two shopping centres could bring a better experience together.



CraftField Arenaville's nearest railway station is Airport Square.


NotchBus runs several bus routes through CraftField Arenaville.

  • 200: To Summerley and Central
  • 200x: To Summerley and Central
  • 604: To Penrith via Tungog
  • 702: To Central and Arenaville East
  • 743: To Castlebrook Airport via Treetop
  • 753: To Silverdale via Oldale Village
  • 901: Arenaville Free CBD Shuttle
  • T12: To Caniswell via Belara
  • T80: To Castlebrook via Silverdale Highway
  • T92: To New Achelous or Oldale Village
  • T95A: Notchropolis Orbital
  • T95C: Reverse of T95A

List of Stores

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