Channel Munch


Channel Munch is a international broadcasting network, based on the Channel Munch Headquarters, McMunch. It is funded by McMUNCH Council, and runs four different channels, Channel Munch, Channel KidsMunch, MunchNews and MunchRadio.

Popular Shows

Multiple popular shows (over 1,000,000 viewers) include:

  • Teletrubbehs
  • The Shrimpsons
  • Four Cornars
  • How I met deez nut
  • My Kitchen Munch
  • Doctor When?
  • Pastarama
  • Peppa Cow
  • The Porkchop Network
  • Shaun The Shit
  • Tingy Time
  • In the Day Garden
  • In the Munch Garden
  • How to train your Munch
  • Home and aMunch
  • Better Memes and Vines
  • TheFineBruh
  • The Annoying Apple
  • Maikemunche 2014
  • 6:45
  • The assignment

    Net Worth

  • WHOA! ==== The Net Worth of MUNCH Broadcasting Network (Channel MUNCH IRC) is approximately $4,594,284,354.97. ====

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