Suburb Details
Established 2066
Population 14,592
State Jebsten
Region Southern Plateau
LGA(s) City of Changshou
Former name(s) N/A
Surrounding Suburbs
Box Hill Box Hill Greenwood
Lake Wawanakwa Changshou Menjar
Lake Wawanakwa Perdagangan Alistonville

Changshou is a major commercial suburb located south of Notchropolis. It houses part of the Southern Business Parks and Changshou Nature Park.

Changshou is home to offices of major corporations, such as HCT.


Changshou was developed around 2066 as part of the Business Park Project. The suburb grew quickly to accomodate Notchropolis' business needs.


Changshou houses a number of facilities, including a train station, easy access to Business Centre Perdagangan.

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