Central Square (sometimes called Park Square) is the name of an area of land between the streets of Central Road, Park Street, Washington Avenue, Lillian Lane, and Ganges Road. Central Square is the site of a park (Central Park), the Golem Farm, the Notice Board, the Info Center, and the NotchRail stations of Central and Notice Board.

Central Square is also a locality in its own right.


The first building in Central Square was the Info Center, built in 2014, over the old spawn point. The only streets surrounding Central Square then were Central Road and Park Street. Next to the Info Center, a park was made (finished in 2020), then the Golem Farm, built in 2025. Washington Avenue was opened in 2027, and Ganges Road opened in 2029. The small side lane Lillian Lane was opened in 2034. In 2036, the Notice Board was finished. In the late 2040's, work on the future NotchRail commenced, which finished in 2052 with the Main Line opening, along with the Central NotchRail Station. In 2060, the CraftField NotchRail Station was opened.